1500 x 800 Office Desk - Cherry
Std Desk Shell
1800 L Shape Desk with 2 Draw Day Filer
L-Shape 2Drw Day-filer
1800 L Shape Desk with 2 Draw Deep Filer
L-Shape 2Drw Deep-filer
1800 L-Shape with Sliding Credenza & Draw Fitted Pedestal
L-Shape Sliding Credenza
1800 L Shape with Pedenza
L-Shape Pedenza
1600 Cluster Desk Oak
Std Cluster Desk
1800 L-Shape with 4 Draw Pedenza
L-Shape 4Drw Pedenza
1800 L Shape With Pole Legs
L Shape 2Drw Deep Filer
1800 L Shape with 4 Draw Credenza
L Shaped 4Drw & Credenza
1500 x 1200 L Shape Desk with 3 Draw Fitted Pedestal
L Shape 3Drw Fitted
1800 L-Shape Desk with 4 Draws and Pole Legs in Oak
L Shape 4Drw Pole Legs
4 Draw L Shape Desk in Oak
L Shape 4Drw Support
L Shape with 4 Draw Pedenza in Oak
L Shape 4Drw Pedenza
L Shape 3Drw + Credenza
1800 L Shape in Wenge with
L Shape 3Drw + Credenza
L Shape Sliding Credenza


Our Pulse Range Desking is a classic melamine style desking system that is robust and suited to most office environments. The desks are available in several configurations, which can be decided on by the customer. The images of the Pulse Range is purely for illustration purposes.

All components of the Pulse range are available in Bondensee Cherry, Vancouver Maple, Natural Oak and African Wenge.

Choose from simple standard desking to CEO and managers style desks. The cluster desking solutions are ideal for open office spaces and call center work stations.